Hamad and Mohammed bin Nasser Round of 16 Qualifying Teams

Hamad and Mohammed bin Nasser Round of 16 Qualifying Teams

The Hamad and Mohammed bin Nasser 5-Aside Football Championship 2017 Qualifying Round has ended following the end of Groups G and H matches, which witnessed the qualification of Al Mor’eb, Besuited, Wolves and Marsa Al Dor.

Al Mor’eb and Besuited qualified from Group G after dominating the group with 7 points each, achieving two wins and drawing against each other.

Al Mor’eb ranked first based on goal differences after winning against both Al Janobi and Shbab Al Madina with a score of 4-0. Besuited won both matches against Al Janobi 6-2 and Shbab Al Madina 4-1 as well.

Competition was fierce in Group H as Wolves succeeded in ranking first with 7 points from 2 wins and 1 draw after winning against Marsa Al Dr 4-0, Boca Juniors 6-2, and drawing against Gunners United 2-2.

Along with Wolves, Marsa Al Dor gained promotion to the next ground with 6 points following winning against Gunners United 6-2 and Boca Juniors 4-1, Boca Juniors was adversely affected the sending off of two of its players.

The final result of the qualifying round across all groups is as follows:

  • Group A: Al Wehda, Salcete United
  • Group B: Crystal Palace and Champions (A)
  • Group C: Red Devils and Champions (B)
  • Group D: Al Qala and Ahlam Batelco
  • Group E: Black Wolf and Al Ameed (B)
  • Group F: Pepsi and Al Ameed (A)
  • Group G: Al Mor’eb and Besuited
  • Group H: Wolves and Marsa Al Dor

BD 500 Award for Best Picture

Footballization has set an award for best picture during the Championship. Managing Director of Footballization Mr. Murtadha Alam has asserted that this award has been set to encourage photographers to attend and take pictures of this event, which is being held in the Kingdom of Bahrain for the first time. The award has been set as BD 500 and will be awarded to the photographer that will present the best picture during the event.

Monetary awards have been also set for all of the teams that are promoted to the finals. Each team that advances to the round of 16 will be awarded with BD 70, teams that advance to the round of 8 will be awarded with BD 105 and BD 175 to each team that advances to the semi-finals. These awards have been set to encourage teams to aim at winning in each stage of the championship, and this is in line with the overall objectives of this Championship.